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Apprenticeship Programs


Apprenticeship Program offers on-the-job training opportunities, combined with classroom instruction, to teach workers the practical and theoretical aspects of highly skilled occupations, including construction, electrician, plumbing/HVAC, and carpentry trades. Apprenticeship programs are sponsored by employers, labor groups, and employer associa­tions. Applicants must meet the sponsor’s eligibility requirements and demonstrate that they have the ability, aptitude, and education to master the basics of the occupation.


Who Can Participate?

Apprenticeship sponsors must be approved by a state or federal apprenticeship registration agency for certification. Apprenticeship sponsors may grant applicants credit toward apprenticeship training for prior work or training in the occupation or trade areas. The general qualifications for apprenticeships vary by craft, but general qualifications for apprenticeship selections are typically:


• 18 years or older

• Drug-free

• Physically able to do the work of the specified trade/occupation

• A high-school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)

• Access to reliable transportation, particularly for construction trades

• A high school transcript, may be required


Your Choices, Your Trade.

There are more than 800 apprenticeship trades recognized nationally. The following are some of the trades that are registered with the D.C. Apprenticeship Council:

Automotive Specialist Technician • Brick Mason • Cement Mason • Carpentry • Electrician Elevator

Constructors • Glazier • Insulation Worker • Marble Repair Technician Marble Setter • Operating

Engineer • Painter/Decorator • Pharmacy Technician Plasterer • Roofer • Sheet Metal Worker •

Sprinkler Fitter Stationary Engineer • Telecommunication Technician • Tile & Terrazzo Worker


Interested? Contact us at:

D.C. Department of Employment Services Office of Apprenticeship Information and Training

4058 Minnesota Avenue, N.E. •Washington, DC 20019 202.698.5099 • TDD 202.673.6994 •

You may also visit the Office of Apprenticeship Information and Training, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday

through Friday, or visit any of the District’s Career Centers, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.